ArtGo Inc. is a startup founded in 2020, involved primarily in the education and distribution of Chinese traditional classical culture. Our products include media presentations, online learning software, book publication, and art education.


Based on rich works that originated from ancient China, we aim at the heritage of amazing eastern wisdom and arts, adapting it into today's multi-cultural context in both philosophical and practical ways.

We are currently expanding the team and providing paid full-time/part-time internship opportunities:

  • Video shooting/editing (Good at Premiere and Automation, etc.)

  • Freelance copywriter/translator (Highly proficient in English)

  • Animation (Proficient in AE, etc.)

  • Illustrator (Solid on digital painting, drawing, and sketching skills)

  • Full-stack developer focusing on front-end technologies


Please reach us for more details if you are interested. You can work on CPT or OPT if being an international student. H1B sponsorship is also provided if turned into full-time. Sincerely look forward to gifted engineers and artists who hold the belief in Chinese classics, being a member of us to collaboratively do something inspiring, interesting and meaningful.