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ArtGo Inc. is a startup founded in 2020, involved primarily in the education of I-Ching and Property Management Service. Our products include media presentations, online learning software, book publication for our education program. As an extension of the business, we provide property management service in San Jose, Fremont, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Mountain View, Los Angeles, etc. areas.

ArtGo Inc's business started with a culture research team in Silicon Valley, and its primarily job was to research and dissemination of the I Ching, the traditional Chinese culture. One year later, it grew to a world-renowned cultural research expert team and a cultural research planning team. It takes promoting the I Ching culture as its responsibility, constantly innovating business models, and creating the most influential cultural platform in the United States and even the world.

Besides our cultural program, Artgo Property Management Service provide an excellence in service. We leverage technology and education to implement innovative solutions for all your property related needs. Our full service property management program is designed to handle every aspect of the rental process, lease period, and vacancy.

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