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I Ching Education

Based on rich works that originated from ancient China, we aim at the heritage of amazing eastern wisdom and arts, adapting it into today's multi-cultural context in both philosophical and practical ways.

We provide videos, podcasts, technical products and learning materials through different media channels teaching and telling the stories in Chinese classical works, such as four books and five classics, education for Chinese painting and calligraphy. We want the thoughts of the ancient Chinese philosophers to be understood correctly, arts to be inherited in a longer term, which can help us all the time in the real world.


ArtGo Property Management Service

Market research

We conduct market research and use local data to determine the rent value of your property. After gathering some information about your property, we conduct a professional evaluation and market analysis and recommend a rental rate for your property that maximizes your rental income.

Leasing services

Residents sign a comprehensive lease agreement before moving into your rental property. We are proactive about lease management and enforcement. The lease is designed to protect your interests while ensuring compliance with applicable laws.

Professional consultation

As a valued client, you receive professional consultation and first class advice about your rental properties on a regular basis. Our breadth and depth of property management knowledge is unmatched. Our proactive approach to managing rental properties is unparalleled.

Maintenance and repairs

We provide full service maintenance and repairs utilizing our preferred vendors, including the thorough preparation of your property prior to occupancy. Our maintenance staff is experienced and knowledgeable. We are on call 24 hours per day in case of a maintenance emergency. We take pride in managing well maintained rental properties.

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