About ArtGo Inc.

Our company is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and innovates to integrate media and technology in the distribution of Chinese classical culture and arts.

We provide videos, podcasts, technical products and learning materials through different media channels teaching and telling the stories in Chinese classical works, such as four books and five classics, education for Chinese painting and calligraphy. We want the thoughts of the ancient Chinese philosophers to be understood correctly, arts to be inherited in a longer term, which can help us all the time in the real world.


Enjoy the profoundly inspiring and artistically beautiful Chinese wisdom.

The Founder Team

Jefferson Li

Jefferson is the founder of ArtGo Inc., ArtGo Property Management, and President of ArtGo Academy.

He is a culture lover, the author of "Understanding I Ching - Long Ching", painter, and film director, dedicated to reviving traditional Chinese culture, as well as advancing arts education.

pp Jiang

Jiang is the co-founder of ArtGo Inc., She leads the technical development of ArtGo's media and educational products.

She works as a full-stack developer and also a multi-media producer out of interest in traditional classical Chinese culture. Know more about her at ppjune.com.